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Teacher & Community Outreach

The Institute for Global Studies and the European Studies Consortium, Title VI National Resource Centers at the University of Minnesota, provide professional development opportunities for K-16 teachers on global and international topics. We are dedicated to the teaching of international studies and increasing global awareness in students.

The Institute for Global Studies professional development for educators addresses the following global competencies (as defined by the United States Department of Education) that students gain through disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies:

  • Students investigate the world beyond their immediate environment.
  • Students recognize their own and others' perspectives.
  • Students translate their ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions.
  • Students communicate their ideas effectively with diverse audiences.

For more information about programs, please call 612-624-9007 or e-mail Deborah Jane at

Descriptions and registration links of upcoming programs available at the page Professional Development for Teachers.

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Teaching Resources on Global and International Topics

University of Minnesota resources

Online resources

Useful Websites on Global Competencies


2010 – 2014 KFAI Series

  • Global Perspectives on Hijab. by Zuhur Ahmend
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