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Undergraduate Studies

The Institute for Global Studies offers an undergraduate Major, Minor, Individualized Degree options, and other opportunities.


The Global Studies major allows students to combine thematic and regional courses with the major’s core theoretical courses, experiential opportunities, and language study. This degree encourages the development of strong analytical skills, writing skills, and the ability to approach issues from multiple viewpoints. By combining coursework, language study, and experiential opportunities such as study abroad and internships, the major is ideally suited for students wishing to work in public, private, and non-profit organizations dealing with global and cross-cultural issues.


The Global Studies minor allows students to take the major’s core theoretical courses in combination with courses from a chosen theme and region. No additional language study is required.

Individualized Degrees

Individualized Degrees (BIS, IDIM, ICP) allow students to complete a concentration in Global Studies. This concentration is taken in conjunction with other coursework planned by the student and IDIM advisors.

Additional Information

For more information on Global Studies majors, minors, and individualized programs, please refer to the Global Studies Resource Page or contact a Global Studies Advisor.